Christmas STEAM Activity with Pompoms

Combine science and art in a hands-on STEAM activity for preschoolers. The colorful pompoms in this Christmas activity provide lots of different ways for kids to build and create. 

preschool Christmas math using bottle tops

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Let's create with bottle caps! This little recyclable is easy to collect, easy to work with, and perfect for inspiring kids play ideas.

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In this STEAM activity, kids explore the sights of the holiday as they make shapes and create designs with bottle caps, and count and sort colorful pompoms.

The different colors, shapes and textures of the activity support kids early development skills.

STEAM is a method of integrating science and art in hands-on activities. It's really STEM with Art added as a valuable component of the play.

STEAM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math

Principles of STEAM are evident (often unintentionally!) in many of the crafts and activities we set up for kids, as well as in their independent play.

This STEAM activity with a Christmas theme is easy to set up with pompoms and bottle caps.

Pompom STEAM activity

Traditional signs of the season are Christmas trees, candy canes, wreaths, and more. Create these and other unique designs with this bottle cap play idea.

Supplies for a bottle cap activity


Christmas themed prek math with pompoms


  • bottle caps
  • tweezers or grasping tool (optional)

  • sheet of craft foam


Instructions for a bottle cap activity


Kids can design and build with recycled bottle caps

Christmas tree


1. Set up the activity

A craft tray made from a box lid is an easy way to transport supplies to the work area.

The tray can then be used as a defined work space for the activity.

Line the bottom of the tray with felt or a sheet of craft foam. This provides a nice surface to work on and helps prevent the bottle caps from sliding around.

2. Place the bottle caps on the tray.

 Arrange bottle caps on the tray to create designs or patterns. In this case, the bottle caps form a pyramid that resembles a Christmas tree.

3. Place pompoms in the bottle caps. 

You can use 1 large pompom or 2 -3 small pompoms to fill each bottle cap.

Use fingers or a grasping tool to pick up pompoms.

Incorporate different colors of pompoms and make interesting designs with the bottle caps. Be creative with the colors and shapes.

More ideas for building with pompoms and bottle caps.


Fine motor activity with bottle caps and pompoms

Christmas tree with lights and a glittering topper!


Christmas wreath art and math activity for kids 

Christmas wreath with a red bow!


Preschool Christmas math activity with pompoms

Candy cane!


Letters and shapes STEM with bottle caps and pompoms

                                                                                Letter J!


This simple activity is fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Counting and designing with bottle caps and pompoms prompts the important hands-on interaction that supports developmental skills.

This child-led activity engages kids in creative play with STEAM.

STEAM: Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math

Technologyusing tweezers or tongs

Engineering: planning and building with bottle caps

Art: choosing pompom colors

Math: counting, identifying shapes


Inspire hands-on play with these simple materials.

Imagine what you can create with bottle caps and pompoms!


Christmas theme bottle caps and pompoms math


STEAM KIDS Christmas


exciting activities for a merry and bright holiday season! 


STEAM KIDS Christmas edition


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