Rolling Pin Activity is Fun for Kids in the Kitchen

When kids want to help in the kitchen it's a good idea to have some activities ready to keep them busy. After they help you sift and stir the cookie dough, set up this fun activity that's easy to put together with just three simple materials found in the kitchen. Kids will love the activity and you'll love that it's mess free!

Rolling pin cracker crunch activity - Preschool Toolkit

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This is a fun sensory activity - kids will love watching the crackers crumble, and hearing the crackers crunch!

Rolling pin cracker crunch activity - Preschool Toolkit

  • Rolling pin, child size or regulat
  • Zipper lock storage bags
  • Crackers - any type (or experiment with other foods that can be crushed)

Rolling pin cracker crunch activity - Preschool Toolkit

This bag contains Ritz crackers which are relatively easy to crush.

Rolling pin activity

This bag contains elbow macaroni. Pasta is harder to crush so you have to press down firmly on the rolling pin.

It makes a wonderful crunch as it breaks.

Rolling pin cracker crunch activity - Preschool Toolkit

Cereal in the bottom of the bag that is too crumbly for your cereal bowl is a perfect option for this activity.

The crumbs can be saved to sprinkle over a casserole or added to homemade bread or muffins.

Kids can enjoy doing the cracker crunch rolling pin activity while you prepare dinner. The added benefits of learning through sensory and fine motor play will make this one of your favorite go-to activities!


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