Rolling Pin Mess Free Sensory Activity

Kids will have fun with this rolling pin activity in the kitchen. The activity is great way to introduce foods and food preparation while exploring sensory experiences. Kids will love the hands-on play and you'll love that it's mess free!

Sensory play in the kitchen for kids

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When kids want to help in the kitchen, it's a great opportunity to engage them in real life activities.  Food preparation at mealtime can be busy, but setting aside a task for your early learner can be beneficial and fun.

  • Kids can stir cake batter, press cookie cutters into dough, or pour ingredients into a bowl.

When kids experiment with everyday tools in a safe manner they develop real life skills that carry them through the early years.

Whether kids want to help or just be nearby, introducing activities in the kitchen for your little helper is a great way to interact. This simple activity is easy to put together with items found in the kitchen.

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Rolling pin activity for kids

How is this a sensory activity?

This fun kids-in-the-kitchen activity engages the senses in several ways:

  • kids see the crackers crumble
  • kids hear the crackers crunch
  • kids feel the rolling pin move
  • kids taste the crackers at snack time

  • kids smell the crumbs as they are sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream


Kitchen sensory play with early learners


Materials list

  • Rolling pin
  • Resealable sandwich bags
  • Crackers or other foods that can be crushed 

Leftover or stale crackers are perfect for this activity. You might prefer fresher crumbs if you plan to use them to top a casserole after they are prepared by your little helper!

We used a wooden kid-size rolling pin for this activity.

You can easily use a regular size  rolling pin. The larger rolling pin might need a little more counter or table space for the activity.


Mess free sensory play in the kitchen

This bag contains Ritz crackers.


Ideas for play with a rolling pin activity

Pour approximately 1 cup (500 ml) of dry ingredients into a resealable bag.

Seal the bag.

Hold a rolling pin by the handles and roll back and forth over the baggie.

Crackers are relatively easy to crush and can be used for baking after the activity.



Sensory activity for preschoolers

This bag contains uncooked macaroni.


Pasta is harder to crush, but makes a wonderful crunching sound as it breaks.

Pressing down firmly on the rolling pin will add a greater challenge as kids engage fine motor skills.



Toddler sensory activity mess free


Cereal in the bottom of the cereal box may too crumbly for your cereal bowl, but it's perfect for this activity.

After the activity, sprinkle the crumbs over a casserole or add to homemade muffins.

Being resourceful with foods is a great learning experience for kids.

Provide the cracker crunch rolling pin activity in the classroom, or at home while you prepare dinner. This activity is (mostly!) mess-free and an opportunity for child-led play.

It's an easy go-to you can add to your toolkit!


Kids sensory play in the kitchen


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