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Memory Game with Disposable Cups for Preschoolers

Memory game with disposable cups

Memory games like this one are fun for kids because little or no instruction is needed, and setup is easy with just a few simple materials.Read more about 'Memory Game with Disposable Cups for Preschoolers'...

Pretty Valentine Flower Craft for Preschoolers

Valentine flower fine motor craft for preschoolers

Kids can have fun making pretty flowers for Valentine's Day.Read more about 'Pretty Valentine Flower Craft for Preschoolers'...

Fun Lift-the-Flaps Valentine Game to Play with Preschoolers

Lift the flaps Valentine game for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

This is a fun Valentine game you can play with a large or small group of children.Read more about 'Fun Lift-the-Flaps Valentine Game to Play with Preschoolers'...

Recycled Christmas Cards Creative Art Activity

Recycle Christmas cards for an art activity - Preschool Toolkit

Sending and receiving Christmas cards make up a special part of the holiday season.Read more about 'Recycled Christmas Cards Creative Art Activity'...


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