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Valentine Crafts and Activities for Kids

Valentine crafts and activities for preschoolers

This roundup of Valentine crafts and activities is filled with fun and educational ideas to help plan your Valentine theme.Read more about 'Valentine Crafts and Activities for Kids'...

Kid-Made Valentine Cards Fine Motor Activity

Cards kids can make with hole punch and stickers to send Valentine greetings to family

Valentine greetings are extra special with kid-made cards. These Valentine cards are so easy to make and provide lots of creative options.Read more about 'Kid-Made Valentine Cards Fine Motor Activity'...

Valentine Literacy Activity for Preschoolers

Letters of the alphabet heart shape cards for a Valentine literacy activity

Add a simple literacy activity to your Valentine theme with heart shape letters-of-the-alphabet cards.Read more about 'Valentine Literacy Activity for Preschoolers'...

Fun Ways to Recycle Greeting Cards

Family crafts and activities with recycled greeting cards

What can you do with greeting cards you receive for birthdays, holidays and special events? Here are a few ways you can reuse all those special cards in crafts and...Read more about 'Fun Ways to Recycle Greeting Cards'...

Top Posts of 2018

Preschool Toolkit top posts for 2018

This group of posts includes the top ten that readers visited most in 2018.Read more about 'Top Posts of 2018'...


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