Fun Ways to Recycle Greeting Cards

What can you do with greeting cards you receive for birthdays, holidays and special events? Here are a few ways you can reuse all those special cards in crafts and activities.

reuse holiday cards in kids crafts

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Do you wish you could save greeting cards without adding to the clutter? When we receive beautiful cards in the mail we want to enjoy them for a long time.

One way to enjoy those treasured greeting cards is to recycle them in kids crafts. These ideas from family bloggers will give you just the inspiration you need to make something wonderful from greeting cards.

There are two categories to choose from - kids crafts and DIY projects.

Grab your scissors and glue and let's start crafting!

Greeting card crafts 

1. Art and craft projects for kids

kids crafts using recycled cards


Cut flower images from cards to make a summer garden.

Create winter scenes  with trees and cotton fluff snow. 

Sewing cards are a great fine motor activity for kids. / Childhood 101

Paper chains  are fun to make with long strips cut from cards. / Creative Family Fun

Creative Christmas cards can be designed with pieces of old cards. / Rainy Day Mum

Thank You cards are fun for kids to make and decorate. / Red Ted Art

Garland is easy to make with shapes cut from cards. / Learning 4 Kids

Make puzzles while practicing scissor skills. / Little Bins for Little Hands

Build love bug critters with cardboard from cards. / Red Ted Art


2. DIY Crafts

DIY activities using recycled greeting cards 


Make a gift box out of a Christmas card. / What's Up Fagans 

Christmas ornaments are fun to make. / There's Just One Mommy

Recycle old cards into amazing new ones. / Kitchen Counter Chronicle

A gift tag can be cut out in the shape of a sweater. / What's Up Fagans

Family photos can be put in a re-designed photo frame. / What's Up Fagans

Make a pull-string party cracker with old cards. / Ruffles and Rain Boots 


Give cards and their messages new purpose by recycling them into something practical like a gift tag, or meaningful like kids art, or decorative like ornaments.

These awesome craft ideas will inspire you to create memories in new ways!

Enjoy the cards while providing fun activities for the kids.


12 Ways to Recycle Cards for craft and activities with the whole family


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