Awesome Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

It's time to have some awesome autumn fun with your preschoolers. This colorful roundup has everything you need to celebrate the season. Activities include crafts using recyclables as well as hands-on experiences with natural materials.

Kids crafts and activities for the fall season

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The autumn air brings a familiar chill in the mornings that reminds you of the changing seasons.

Grab a sweater and browse through these fun kids' activities that will warm your heart.

The fall season has so much to offer for early learners. With leaves changing color and temperatures cooling, it's a perfect time of year to engage kids in hands-on exploration and discovery.

We've got you covered in this roundup with pumpkin and leaf activities, felt board and finger play activities, and so much more.

This roundup of autumn activities for preschoolers includes all the crafts and activities found on the Preschool Toolkit blog.

Autumn activities for kids

The fall season is overflowing with colors and textures that inspire both indoor and outdoor play with kids. 

Autumn activities support development of early learning skills in many ways.

  • The colors, sounds and smells of autumn contribute to sensory learning.

  • Colorful leaves can be used in crafts for creative nature play.

  • Recognizing and naming colors builds language skills.

  • Nature walks provide gross motor activities.

  • Observing changes in nature supports science and math.


 Fall Season on Pinterest


This post lists all the autumn activities on the Preschool Toolkit blog.

The wide variety of crafts and activities will help you plan a well-rounded daily or weekly schedule that includes science, sensory, gross motor, fine motor and creative experiences.

Get ready to celebrate the fall season!


Lighted Pumpkin Decoration - Add a tea light to a carved pumpkin for fall fun at Halloween.

Outdoor Fall Play -  In this exciting roundup of outdoor activities I'm joined by other awesome family bloggers. 

Burlap Pumpkin Craft - Imagine painting a pumpkin picture on a piece of burlap!

Reversible Finger Play Glove - Sew a felt glove for finger play at circle time.

Pumpkin Patch Maze - Recycle small cups to make a maze for a pompom pumpkin seed.

Exploring Seeds in Foods We Eat - Discover how seeds look very different from one food to the next.

Fall Theme Preschool Unit - This post has everything you need to add a fall theme to your daily schedule.

Reversible Felt Tree for the Felt Board - Fall or winter, a handmade tree on the felt board is perfect for preschool activities.

Pumpkin Harvest Sensory Bin - Celebrate the harvest with pumpkin cut-outs in the sensory bin.

Preschool Lesson Plans Fall Unit - Browse the units in this amazing preschool curriculum (affiliate).

Pumpkin Pictures Painted with Craft Sticks - A craft stick painting tool is perfect for making pumpkin pictures.

Pumpkin Painting in a Frame - Frame your pumpkin painting with a foam tray.

Fall Leaves Sorting Activity - Collect fall leaves for preschool math activities.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle - Cut a paper plate into small pieces to make a puzzle.

Painting with Pumpkin Stamps - Save the pieces cut from your Halloween jack-o-lantern for a painting activity.

Fall Leaves Bookmark - A beautiful bookmark is fun to make with real or artificial leaves.

Observing Fall Leaves Science Activity - This preschool experiment explores leaves with hands-on observations. 

Fall Harvest - Follow these tips for a successful fall harvest theme with preschoolers.


Now that you're warmed up, you can easily fill your planner with some awesome autumn fun for your preschoolers.


Fall Outdoor Play

 Fall season activities for preschool


Preschool Lesson Plans Fall Unit

(affiliate link)

Fall unit preschool and kindergarten lesson plan




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