Christmas Garland Easy Preschool Craft

A Christmas garland is a fun and easy decoration for kids to make. This beautiful banner made with recycled egg cartons and craft paint can be displayed in the home or classroom at Christmas time.


Christmas banner egg cup craft for kids

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Crafts made with recyclables are some of our favorites, and I'm sure yours as well.

As parents and teachers we love the low cost - and environmentally friendly aspect - of using recyclables in crafts. 

Egg cups are a versatile options for kids crafts - they're sturdy, flexible, and readily available!

They're also easy to paint or to cut with scissors.

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Egg cup garland craft

If eggs are a common food in your family, egg cups will be easy to recycle for this activity. If not, you can always collect a few empty cartons from parents or neighbors.

How to make an egg cup garland

 Trim egg cups to make garland


1. Prepare the egg cups.

The photo shows the 3 steps to take the egg cups from the egg carton to ready for painting!

  • Separate the egg cups from the egg carton.
  • Trim the rough edges from each cup.
  • Hole punch opposite sides near the bottom of each cup.

Note: Hole punching can be done before or after you paint.


Paint egg cups for a Christmas banner kids craft


2. Paint the egg cups.


 Lace egg cups together with narrow ribbon


3. Lace the egg cups onto a length of narrow ribbon.

Pull the loose end of the narrow ribbon through the eye of a plastic darning needle. Tape or tie the end so it doesn't pull back through the hole.

  • The darning needle makes it easy for kids to thread each egg cup onto the ribbon.

I set the spool of narrow ribbon on the table and let it uncurl as needed. This allowed just the right amount of ribbon to be used.


 Christmas decoration kids craft recycled egg cup garland


 Hang the garland on the Christmas tree or drape it across a mantle or window.


Holiday garland made with recycled egg cups fun craft for preschoolers


You can even write a message on your garland!

This simple craft is fun for kids any time of year.

  • Change the theme to complement the season or event such as spring, Easter or Halloween.

Make the most of this everyday recyclable for kids crafts like this beautiful Christmas garland.


egg cup Christmas painting activity for kids


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