Wood Blocks Math Activity for Preschoolers

This wood block activity provides an opportunity for kids to paint, sort, and play matching games with blocks. Several options are included for different ages and skill levels so everyone can have fun with this activity.

Wood blocks paint activity for kids

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Wood blocks are one of the simplest yet most beneficial materials kids can explore. They're a wonderful option for kids activities, promoting fine motor and imaginative play.

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Painting wood blocks

Wood blocks are easy to store and fun to have on hand. Keep a supply in a box or basket for independent play. 

You can easily make a set of wood blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wood blocks are also fun to use in painting activities.


This painting and matching activity uses a few small sized blocks.

The blocks resemble dominoes that can be used in math activities.



Block play for preschoolers


  • small wooden blocks 

We used scraps of wood from a renovation project.

We trimmed the wood to a small rectangular shape and sanded any rough edges. 

Instructions for a matching activity


Preschool math activity with painted wood blocks


Blocks can be painted a couple different ways, as seen in the photo. Paint a few blocks with one color, and a few with two colors.

They look a little like colorful dominoes, don't they?


Wood blocks painting and sorting math


Suggestions for play

1. Sort single color blocks by color.

2. Make simple patterns with single color blocks such as red-blue-red.

3. Match multi-colored blocks end to end. 

4. Stack blocks one on top of the other. Create towers, bridges, houses.

5. Combine single color and multi-color blocks in a long line.


Block play supports kids overall cognitive development with hands-on learning experiences. When kids engage in child-led play they are exercising decision-making, fine motor skills and growing imaginations!


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