Pumpkin Painting in a Frame: Fun Activity for Kids

Halloween is a fun time of year for crafting. We can never have enough homemade ghosts and witches and jack-o-lanterns around the house or in the classroom. Decorate for Halloween with this kid-made pumpkin painting that comes framed and ready to display!

Pumpkin picture in a frame painting activity - Preschool Toolkit

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Painting a pumpkin in a frame activity - Preschool Toolkit


1. Paint a pumpkin on a foam tray. Mix red and yellow paint together!

2. Paint the outside edge of the tray to create the frame.

3. Allow to dry.


Kids pumpkin painting in a frame - Preschool Toolkit


4. Add features to your pumpkin. Be as creative as you like!

On the left:

  • The purple features are cut from a sheet of glitter craft foam.
  • The purple feather 'stem' is a nice touch inside the purple frame! 

On the right:

  • The features are painted on with black paint.
  • The green leaf and stem are cut from a regular sheet of craft foam.

5. Add a hanger with ribbon or string and display the framed pumpkin on Halloween night. 

Do you have any favorite homemade decorations for Halloween?

We are fortunate to have a recycling program in our area that includes foam trays. I often use them for crafts before they go to the recycle bin. I reuse trays that package baked goods rather than meat products to ensure safe handling, even though the trays are washed before reusing.


You'll find all our Halloween crafts and activities here to make decorating and crafting fun and easy!




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