Halloween Ghosts Felt Board Activity for Preschoolers

Try this fun, and not-too-spooky, Halloween activity with your preschooler. These little felt ghosts are just waiting to shout BOO! from the branches of a felt tree on the flannel board. 

felt board Halloween ghosts activity

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Ghosts are fun for kids to use in Halloween activities. 

These little numbered ghosts are perfect for math games on the felt board.

The ghosts are made with simple shapes that are easy to draw and cut out. The facial expressions can range from silly to not-too-spooky to scary.

Kids will have fun counting and sorting these friendly ghosts as they swoop through the branches of the felt tree.

Play the bonus games at the end of the post!


Felt ghost activity

Prepare the felt board

 Grey felt background on the felt board for Halloween math activities


Cover the flannel board with grey felt to provide an appropriate backdrop for a Halloween scene. We used four squares of grey felt to cover the beige felt already permanently glued to our board, but a full size piece would be easier to work with if you have it. 

You might prefer another color for the backdrop. How about purple?


Make a felt tree

Felt tree reversible with black side showing


This is a reversible felt tree that is perfect for a variety of felt board activities including seasons and holidays. Prepare for this ghost counting activity by making a felt tree for the felt board.

Here is where you will find the easy instructions for the reversible felt tree.


Cut out felt ghosts

Felt ghosts on felt tree preschool activity


1. Cut felt ghosts from pieces of white felt. Add eyes with permanent marker.

2. Number the ghosts with a permanent marker or self-adhesive stickers.


Play math games on the felt board

1. Ghosts in a Tree

Place the ghosts on a table with numbered side down. Turn over a ghost, say the number and place the ghost in the tree.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Hide ghosts around the room. Find the ghosts and line up in numerical order on the table. Place ghosts one at a time in the tree.

3. Number Matching

Place ghosts in numerical order on the table. Place a deck of numbered cards on the table. Turn over the top card. Match it to the ghost with the same number. Place the ghost on a branch of the tree.

4. Take-away Game

  • 4 little ghosts in a Halloween tree - One says BOO! and then there are 3.
  • 3 little ghosts look at me and you - One says BOO! and then there are 2.
  • 2 little ghosts having Halloween fun - One says BOO! and there is 1.
  • 1 little ghost says 'Who will play with me?'  So 3 little ghosts fly back to the tree.

 5. Memory Game

Make 2 sets of ghosts. Place numbered sides down on the table. Turn over 2 ghosts at a time. When a match is found, place the matching ghosts in the tree.

 Numbered ghosts on felt tree kids math activity


Ghost felt board activities provide lots of opportunities for child-led learning and skill development.


  • Games like the ones shown above provide math play.
  • Crafts and activities include fine motor and sensory play as kids paint, draw, cut and glue to make their not-so-spooky characters.
  • Puppets made with wooden spoons and paper bags promote awesome pretend play

Counting ghosts felt board preschool activity



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