How to Make Dinosaur Shadow Characters

Dinosaur figures can be used in different ways for promoting imaginative play. In this hands-on activity, kids experiment with making dinosaur shadows, then transform them into playful characters. How loud can your dinosaur roar?

Dinosaur shadow characters activity - Preschool Toolkit

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This dinosaur activity was inspired by the popular children's book Dinosaur Roar!.


  by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

This is a wonderful book of opposites, with large, colorful pictures of dinosaurs. Despite the differences in their sizes and shapes, all the dinosaurs have one thing in common - they love to munch and crunch!


Dinosaur Shadow Activity for Kids - Preschool Toolkit


I used Tyrannosaurus Rex for this activity, but you can use whatever dinosaur figure you have on hand.

In the collage above, I show the difference between natural light and using a light source. As you can see, the shadow is clearer with a light source directed at the dinosaur. Set a lamp or flashlight on the floor or on a table in front of the dinosaur.

I raised the dinosaur by placing wood blocks under his feet but it was still difficult to cast a suitable shadow of the feet to trace. You will have to sketch the feet later if they do not show up well.

Tape a piece of white poster board behind the dinosaur.

Trace the shadow onto the 22 x 28 inch poster board.


Tracing dinosaur shadows activity - Preschool Toolkit


Remove the poster board and highlight with black marker.  

The way my dino was positioned, the legs were cast as one shadow. With your child, observe and discuss the position of the dino in relation to the shadow cast. Of course, the language you use will depend on your child's interest and skill level.

The goal is to make it a fun activity!


Painting dinosaur shadows on poster board - Preschool Toolkit

Cut pieces from the chair foam to make stamps for painting the dinosaur.

We mixed yellow and blue paint to make green. We didn't have a lot of yellow paint left so we mixed some orange with the remaining yellow.

Create a new species with colorful patterns and designs!

When the paint is dry, cut out the dinosaur for pretend play!


Painting dinosaur shadows science and art activity - Preschool Toolkit


Exploring the science of shadows

  • Place the dinosaur close to and far away from the poster board.
  • Place the light source near to and far away from the dinosaur.
  • Raise and lower the light source.
  • Observe the shadow getting bigger or smaller than the dinosaur.

Learning through play

  • What makes the dinosaur roar? Could he be hungry, tired or lonely?
  • Where will the dinosaur live? Create a cave or forest with blankets or a large box.
  • How big is your dinosaur?  Bigger than a car; smaller than a house?
  • How much noise can your dinosaur make? How loud is your roar; how soft?


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