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Easy Foam Ball Christmas Ornament Craft

Foam Ball Christmas Ornament Craft - Preschool Toolkit

I am always looking for ways to reuse household materials in arts and crafts activities. Mesh bags have become my latest go-to recyclable.Read more about 'Easy Foam Ball Christmas Ornament Craft'...

Pine Cone Glitter and Glue Ornament Craft for Kids

Pine cone Christmas ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

Pine cones are a wonderful natural material to gather in the fall for arts and crafts activities.Read more about 'Pine Cone Glitter and Glue Ornament Craft for Kids'...

Yummy Yogurt and Fruit Cone Snack for Kids

Yogurt and fruit  snack in a cone for kids to make

If you like yogurt and fresh berries in a bowl, you will love this yummy option! Kids will have fun making this tasty treat - from choosing the flavor of...Read more about 'Yummy Yogurt and Fruit Cone Snack for Kids'...

Easy to Make Burlap Bow - No Glue, No Sew!

Burlap bow easy to make for holiday decorating

A burlap bow is easy to make for decorating your home or classroom. Add rustic holiday flair to homemade wreaths and planters with this no-glue, no-sew burlap bow.Read more about 'Easy to Make Burlap Bow - No Glue, No Sew!'...

Beautiful Christmas Angel Family Craft

Christmas angel decoration family craft

You and the kids will love making this Christmas angel, especially when you discover how the wings are made.Read more about 'Beautiful Christmas Angel Family Craft'...

Painting with Ice Cubes Process Art Activity for Kids

painting with ice cubes

Painting with ice cubes is a fun process art activity that also provides a sensory and fine motor experience.Read more about 'Painting with Ice Cubes Process Art Activity for Kids'...

Felt Snowman Decoration

snowman image

Making snowmen is always fun, especially when it's as easy as this felt snowman craft! This is a fun craft for kids to make as gifts for friends or relatives...Read more about 'Felt Snowman Decoration'...

Simple musical scale activity

Preschool musical scale craft and activity with mason jars

This simple activity provides a fun way to use mason jars to introduce a musical scale.Read more about 'Easy Musical Scale Preschool Activity Using Mason Jars'...

Sorting Shapes Preschool Math Activity

Preschool math activity sorting objects with different shapes and colors

Engage fine motor and math skills with this simple shapes activity. Kids can match everyday objects to their outlines drawn on a card.Read more about 'Sorting Shapes Preschool Math Activity'...

Preschool Math Activities with Homemade Counting Book

Kids can make a picture book to support early counting skills

This is a fun counting book to make with preschoolers. Large numerals and colorful pictures give this early counting book interest and readability.Read more about 'Preschool Math Activities with Homemade Counting Book'...



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