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Mixing Paint Colors Preschool Activity

Mixing colors painting activity for preschoolers

The process of mixing two or more paint colors together combines science and creativity in a simple art activity.Read more about 'Mixing Paint Colors Preschool Activity'...

Christmas Garland Easy Preschool Craft

Christmas decoration kids craft recycled egg cup garland2

A Christmas garland is a fun and easy decoration for kids to make. This simple banner is made with recycled egg cartons and craft paint.Read more about 'Christmas Garland Easy Preschool Craft'...

Winter Village Small World Play

Winter small world play with cardboard houses and pine cone trees

A small world town with a winter or Christmas theme is a fun creative play activity for kids.Read more about 'Winter Village Small World Play'...

Painting with Pine Cones Art Activity for Preschoolers

Kids process art painting activity with pine cone tops

Painting with pine cones is a fun creative art activity for preschoolers. These simple painting tools are easy to make from the top portion of regular pine cones.Read more about 'Painting with Pine Cones Art Activity for Preschoolers'...

Christmas Flowers Corsage Kid-Made Gift

Gift giving is extra special with Christmas corsage craft kid made gift

A pretty bouquet of flowers that can be worn like a corsage is a fun and easy craft for the holidays.Read more about 'Christmas Flowers Corsage Kid-Made Gift'...

Exploring Seeds with a Simple Science Activity for Preschoolers

Seeds placed on a graph in a simple science activity for preschoolers

Exploring seeds with preschoolers can be fun and easy with this hands-on activity. Be prepared to get a little messy as you dig into fruits and vegetables to observe the seeds.Read more about 'Exploring Seeds with a Simple Science Activity for Preschoolers'...

41 Kids Activities with Real Pumpkins

Fall season family activities with real pumpkins

This roundup of pumpkin activities includes science experiments, games, delicious foods, and much more. Enjoy these awesome activities with real pumpkins that are fun for the whole family.Read more about '41 Kids Activities with Real Pumpkins '...

Halloween Pumpkins Painting Activity

Pumpkin painted with craft stick painting tool

Fall painting activities wouldn't be complete without some pictures of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. These adorable pumpkins are painted with a homemade painting tool kids will love. Read more about 'Halloween Pumpkins Painting Activity'...

DIY Puppet Theater for Preschool Pretend Play

Puppet theater from foam packaging for preschool pretend play

This is a simple puppet theater with lots of possibilities for imaginative play. Start with some foam packaging and finish with a love of the theater!Read more about 'DIY Puppet Theater for Preschool Pretend Play'...

Marble Roll STEAM Activity in the Sensory Bin

Fine motor science activity in the sensory bin for preschoolers

A STEAM activity is easy to create in the sensory bin with just a marble and some recyclables.Read more about 'Marble Roll STEAM Activity in the Sensory Bin'...



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