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How to Make Story Time Amazing

fun ways to make story time amazing

Story time is often a favorite time of day, a time to relax or refocus, to enjoy some one-on-one or small group reading.Read more about 'How to Make Story Time Amazing'...

Why Encouragement is More Effective than Praise

Why encouragement is more effective than praise

Positive communication is valuable to parent-child and teacher-student interactions. Using words of encouragement to reinforce efforts and accomplishments will help generate independent thinking and guide future behaviors in positive ways.Read more about 'Why Encouragement is More Effective than Praise'...

7 Tips for Planning a Successful Field Trip

Successful field trips Preschool Toolkit

Field trips include everything from a walk around the block to a visit to a local dairy farm. However, any outing requires proper preparation.Read more about '7 Tips for Planning a Successful Field Trip'...

DIY Counting Book and Thematic Unit for Preschoolers

homemade counting book preschool activity

This is a fun counting book to make with preschoolers. Large numerals and colorful pictures give this early counting book interest and readability.Read more about 'DIY Counting Book and Thematic Unit for Preschoolers'...

Teaching Children Playground Safety

When you head out to the playground, take charge of playground safety by being proactive. Here are some tips that can help create a safe and enjoyable environment.Read more about 'Teaching Children Playground Safety'...

Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy

Traditional books have value in early literacy development

Traditional books play an important role in your child's early reading experiences. Printed books add hands-on interaction to the joy of reading, prompting kids to learn at an early age to...Read more about 'Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy'...

Small Group Reading

Small group reading is a valuable part of an early learning program.Read more about 'Small Group Reading'...

Greening your child care center

'Greening' is a buzzword, but it’s simply about respecting our environment by finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.Read more about 'Greening your child care center'...

PreschoolToolkit.com launches

Welcome to Preschool Toolkit!Read more about 'PreschoolToolkit.com launches!'...



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