30+ Things to Do With Craft Sticks

Craft sticks are a great addition to your tool kit for kids activities. Explore the fun options in this exciting roundup to see what you can do with wooden sticks.
Popsicle stick crafts for kids

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Is there a simple tool for kids that can stir, stack, flip and twirl?

Yes there is! 

And this is the place to discover all the ways to use this everyday item for maximum fun and learning with kids.

Have fun creating with this versatile tool!

Craft stick activities

If you love eating popsicles, enjoy this cool treat, then save the sticks for kids' activities!

Recyclables make up the bulk of the supplies I use in activities I create for kids. 

One of the easiest materials to recycle is wooden sticks, the ones that can be saved from popsicles and ice cream treats.

They're easy to store, very durable, and user friendly. They can be painted, stacked, cut in half, bent, and used wet or dry. 

You can also purchase craft sticks in a craft store or dollar store, or online. They come in a variety of colors as well as plain wood.            

And don't forget jumbo sticks

You can substitute other options such as tongue depressors, wooden spoons or even wooden dowels in many activities that call for craft sticks. 

Have fun with these simple options for using wooden sticks.

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Crafts Using Popsicle Sticks

Preschool activities with craft sticks

Bend sticks to make a bracelet.

Build a rainbow with sticks and cotton rounds.

Make a picture frame for a favorite photo.

Place your artwork on this simple easel made with craft sticks.

Create a cute little craft stick cat!


An apple craft made with paper cutouts and a craft stick is perfect for back-to-school.

Display a craft stick flower in a flower pot.

Use craft sticks for arms and legs in this fun cardboard box robot craft



Craft Stick Science Activities

 Craft stick science activities for preschoolers

Make free-standing craft stick trees in this engineering challenge. 

Combine fine motor and math play with a popsicle stick push activity.


Build a craft stick bridge for toy cars.

Print these shape mats for a craft stick math activity.

Experiment with craft sticks to make a hexagon, pentagon and more!


Challenge kids to build 3D shapes with craft sticks and clay.

A fence made with craft sticks is perfect for a cardboard box farm.


craft stick fences for small world farm play


Provide a  preschool math activity with modeling clay and craft sticks.


Science with popsicle sticks and modeling clay


Craft Sticks in Seasonal Activities 

Holiday kids crafts using craft sticks



It's fun to make this cute Christmas tree and reindeer with craft sticks.


A fall pumpkin painting is easy to make with a craft stick painting tool.


This cute craft stick butterfly is the perfect love bug!


Try this printable Thanksgiving puzzle made with popsicle sticks.


This Halloween spider is made with craft sticks and googly eyes! 

Monster puppets are a not-too-spooky Halloween craft.


Easter chicks are easy to make with craft sticks!


Make a bright sun craft with cardboard and craft sticks.


summer sun craft for kids



Enjoy the popsicle treats! Then enjoy these fun activities with your preschoolers!

best craft stick activities for prek and kindergarten


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