Preschool Nature Crafts and Activities with Twigs

This roundup is filled with interesting ways for kids to craft and learn with twigs and small branches. These hands-on activities provide amazing opportunities for early learners to observe and discover nature.

 Preschool nature crafts using twigs

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Outdoor activities with kids can be done anytime, anywhere.......

No matter what the weather is! 

  • Exploring in rain, sun, wind or snow means a unique opportunity every day, every season, with new experiences and new discoveries.

No matter what play space is available!

  • You don't need a well-equipped playground or groomed hiking trails. Outdoor walks can be enjoyed in many different ways. Look at the sky - can you see cloud shapes? Look at the ground - are you walking on sand or gravel? Look for habitats - are there trees where birds might build nests?


The good news is, nature activities can be provided indoors or outdoors. When you really are limited by weather, outdoor space, or other factors, simply take a bit of nature inside for kids to explore hands-on.

That's the beauty of this roundup - there's a mix of indoor and outdoor projects.

You can choose the one that fits for any given day (including the weather!), theme, or interest.

Let's get started!


Insects with twigs

 Twig roundup preschool activities collage 1


Small World Play / Fun A Day

Ladybug / iHeart Crafty Things

Butterfly / Artsy Craftsy Mom

Spider Web / Kitchen Counter Chronicle

Green Leaf Butterfly / Preschool Toolkit


Crafts with twigs


Twig roundup preschool activities collage 2


Alphabet / Preschool Toolkit

Wands / No Time For Flash Cards

Weaving / Nurture Store

Tissue Paper Tree / Housing a Forest

Popcorn Tree / Happy Hooligans


Building with twigs


Twig roundup preschool activities collage 3


Boat / Easy Peasy and Fun

Building with Sticks and Play Dough / Fireflies and Mudpies

Raft / Kids Craft Room

Summer Swing / Non-Toy Gifts


Bird Nest with Burlap and Twigs

bird nest preschool craft with burlap and twigs


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