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Sorting Fall Leaves Preschool Math

Fall theme sorting activity with colorful leaves

Gather some fall leaves to use in simple sorting and counting activities with preschoolers.   Autumn activities with leaves promote awesome hands-on fun and learning.Read more about 'Sorting Fall Leaves Preschool Math '...

How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers

Square shape outlined with feathers in a preschool math activity

Exploring shapes with colorful feathers is fun math play for preschoolers. This simple activity is easy to provide with the free printable shape templates included in the post.Read more about 'How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers'...

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving preschool craft and pretend play with a paper plate

Kids will get into the spirit of Thanksgiving with this simple paper plate craft and pretend play.Read more about 'Thanksgiving Paper Plate Craft for Kids'...

Why Reading With Grandparents is Special for Kids

Benefits of story time with grandparents

Making time for kids to read with grandparents is a special way to celebrate Grandparent's Day or any day! Discover the benefits of reading with grandparents.

Read more about 'Why Reading With Grandparents is Special for Kids'...

Wood Blocks Math Activity for Preschoolers

Wood blocks painting and sorting math activity for preschoolers

Kids can paint small blocks of wood for matching games. Have fun with simple math play with wooden blocks.Read more about 'Wood Blocks Math Activity for Preschoolers'...

Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy

Gardening tips for fun and easy hands on learning with preschoolers

Explore planting and harvesting hands-on with easy gardening activities for the kids. Gardening with kids is a great way to enjoy some outdoor time together.Read more about 'Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy'...

Simple Weights and Measures Preschool Science

Science for kids with simple weights and measures activities

Kids can have fun counting and weighing everyday objects with these simple experiments. Provide new ways to experiment and discover as you explore weights and measures.Read more about 'Simple Weights and Measures Preschool Science'...

How to Help Kids Make Their Own Craft Box

Kids can create a craft box for storing art supplies

Kids can have a craft box of their very own to store supplies for art activities. Organize basic craft supplies with these simple tips.Read more about 'How to Help Kids Make Their Own Craft Box'...

Kids Science in a Jar Mixing Earth Materials

Mixing earth materials science activity for kids

Mixing earth materials in a jar combines outdoor play with scientific discovery. Dig for clues, and shake up some answers, as you conduct some simple science in a jar.Read more about 'Kids Science in a Jar Mixing Earth Materials'...

What Can Little Kids Do When the Big Kids are in School?

Activities to do with younger kids when older kids are in school

When the school day begins for older kids, younger children at home also benefit from routine and a learning environment.Read more about 'What Can Little Kids Do When the Big Kids are in School?'...


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