Valentine Mailbox Preschool Craft

A Valentine mailbox is a fun holiday craft for kids. Design and create a mailbox with a recycled tissue box to support fine motor skills and pretend play with preschoolers.
Preschool art activity Valentine theme mailbox

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Valentine crafts provide fun opportunities for kids to play and learn. Activities with heart shapes, colorful ribbons, and red and pink paints invite kids to explore counting, sorting and creative arts with a Valentine theme.

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In this activity kids decorate a tissue box to use as a mailbox, then write letters and cards, post the cards, and deliver mail to classmates or family members.


Valentine mailbox craft

This craft is easy for kids to make with a recycled tissue box. The style and size of the box, and the materials used to decorate the box, can vary -  use whatever you have on hand.

Make this craft unique based on supplies and imagination!


Supplies for mailbox


Supplies for a tissue box mailbox craft


  • tissue box
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper


Instructions for mailbox


Add a chenille stem handle to a tissue box mailbox


Poke a hole in the side of the box. Insert one end of a chenille stem through the hole. Bend the end of the stem over so it does't slide back out of the hole. Repeat with the other end of the chenille stem, on the other side of the box.


Decorate Valentine mailboxes with markers and stickers


Provide markers, stickers, and other Valentine themed materials to decorate the mailbox.



Post cards and letters in a kid made Valentine mailbox


Make cards and letters to post in the mailbox, like these cards we made with a hole punch.

Post, and deliver, cards for awesome pretend play.


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Preschool Valentine craft with recycled tissue box


I'm sharing a few options for Valentine mail boxes with fun themes!

  • Superman from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


STEAM Kids Valentine

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Recycled tissue box mailbox craft for kids




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