Alphabet Discovery Bottle Kids Can Easily Make

Alphabet discovery bottle with foam letters preschool literacy activity

Kids can explore the alphabet with a discovery bottle. Recycle a water bottle to make this craft that's fun to use over and over again.Read more about 'Alphabet Discovery Bottle Kids Can Easily Make'...

Paint and Glitter Process Art for Preschoolers

Fun with paint and glitter process art activity for preschoolers

Combine paint and glitter in this fun process art activity. Kids can make beautiful pictures that have both texture and color.Read more about 'Paint and Glitter Process Art for Preschoolers'...

Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers

Nature walk exploring trees with kids

Kids can explore a forest area by searching in tree branches, behind tree trunks, and under piles of leaves. Enjoy a nature walk and discover hidden treasures.Read more about 'Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers'...

Colorful Spider and Web Preschool Craft

preschool spider craft using egg carton cups

In this painting activity kids make a colorful spider and web, using all the colors of the rainbow.Read more about 'Colorful Spider and Web Preschool Craft'...

Fun Bean Bag Game Made With Recyclables

Game of toss indoor play for kids

Recycle coffee cans to make this fun bean bag game.Read more about 'Fun Bean Bag Game Made With Recyclables'...

Homemade Bean Bags for Kids Activities

Easy to make with recyclables bean bags for preschool games

Denim can easily be recycled into bean bags to be used in kids' games.Read more about 'Homemade Bean Bags for Kids Activities'...

Rainbow Octopus Preschool Craft

Octopus preschool craft fine motor and creative play

This is a fun craft for kids to make using a small yogurt container, chenille stems and washable paint.

Read more about 'Rainbow Octopus Preschool Craft'...

Mother's Day Bouquet Preschool Craft

Mothers Day bouquet preschool craft with artificial flowers and stems

Kids will have fun making this beautiful bouquet for Mother's Day. The activity is easy to prepare, mess-free, and great for strengthening fine motor skills.Read more about 'Mother's Day Bouquet Preschool Craft'...

Patterning With Colorful Dots Preschool Math Activity

Preschool math activity with self adhesive dots

Children can learn to recognize, copy and repeat patterns with hands-on games and activities.Read more about 'Patterning With Colorful Dots Preschool Math Activity'...

DIY Stacking Toys Using Recyclables

Building and stacking STEM activities with recyclables

Recycle packaging and containers to use as stacking toys with toddlers and preschoolers. Recyclable materials provide simple activities with no added cost and easy set up.Read more about 'DIY Stacking Toys Using Recyclables'...


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