The 5 Top Posts in 2015

With the start of a new year it is fun to look back at the months behind us and see the progress that we have made. I am excited to post these activities as ones that have been most read and shared in 2015. 

Top posts of 2015 by Preschool Toolkit

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                                                            Bean bag toss - Preschool Toolkit  

 This bean bag game is made with recycled coffee cans. 

                                                            Kids Craft Box - Preschool Toolkit   

Kids can have their own craft box to store art supplies. 


                                                           Marble maze for kids to make using modeling clay


 Make a marble maze with modelling clay and a foam tray. 

                                                           Homemade felt book for fine motor and sensory play for preschoolers


 This DIY felt sensory book is a great fine motor and sensory activity for kids.

                                                           marble pin


 The marble run is a fun activity for kids with lots of opportunity for learning through play.

Roll marbles down an inclined plane into small cups. Build, count, sort and discover as you play!


The marble run is featured in a roundup of best posts in 2015 from kid bloggers.

Find the links on the website or visit the Best of 2015 Pinterest board to see all the activities at a glance.

Best of 2015 kid blogger posts                                                   



Enjoy craft, education and parenting posts from some amazing bloggers!




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