Beautiful Flower Crafts for Preschoolers

Kids can have fun creating beautiful flower crafts for spring season or any time of year. Find exactly what you need for creative time at home or in the classroom. 

preschool spring flower crafts

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This collection of flower crafts has ideas for these special times and much, much more, because flower crafts are fun any day of the year!

The different seasons and special events throughout the year inspire a variety of flower themed crafts and activities.

Kids can create colorful blossoms in summer, heart-shaped petals on Valentine's Day, or pretty bouquets for Mother's Day.

This roundup of hands-on activities supports preschoolers fine and creative skills, along with planning, decision making, and identifying colors and shapes.

From paper gardens to gorgeous bouquets, have fun with these ideas for beautiful flower crafts.


Flower crafts for kids


Fine motor flower crafts activities for preschoolers

Tips for fun and easy crafting

  • Use materials you have on hand, make substitutions when necessary, and up-cycle and recycle whenever you can.

  • Keep materials to a minimum so kids aren't overwhelmed with options. 

  • Allow kids freedom to engage hands-on with the materials with your support or guidance rather than with a lot of steps or instructions. This provides opportunities for everyone to make unique flowers!

Flower crafts provide opportunities for kids to engage hands-on with a variety of materials for sensory as well as creative experiences. Kids also benefit by exercising fine motor and language skills.  

We're excited to share these fun activities.

Let's get started!

Flower crafts and activities


Corsage Craft with Artificial Flowers

flower corsage craft for kids









Paper Shapes Flower Craft

kids flower paper craft











Flower Garden Art Activity

preschool flower garden craft










Kids Can Make a Big Big Flower

flower art activity for preschoolers










Spring Flowers Made with Corrugated Cardboard 


cardboard flowers spring craft for preschool













Valentine Garden Craft

flower craft for preschool and kindergarten










Valentine Flower Craft

preschool heart shape flower craft













Easy for Kids to Make Mother's Day Bouquet

mother's day bouquet preschool craft










Spring Flowers Craft Using Foam Cutouts

foam cutouts flower craft for kids











Veggie Stamping Craft for Kids

veggie stamps art activity for kids













Beautiful flower crafts for preschoolers


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