Preschool Art Activity with Paper Shapes

Paper shapes and a dab of glue are all you need to provide an arts and crafts opportunity for preschoolers. Jump-start the creative process with this simple paper shapes flowers activity.

Paper shapes flower craft for preschoolers

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We love activities using simple paper shapes, not only for the learning opportunities but for the creative play value.

It's fun to make a Halloween witch with paper shapes, or decorate a paper crown with paper 'jewels'.

Paper shapes art activity

A variety of paper cutouts is an effective prompt to get kids started with some creative thinking. In this activity, kids can arrange shapes to make pretty spring flowers, or any other design they can imagine.



Glue, scissors and construction for flowers craft and math activity


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick or white school glue



Spring flowers craft with paper shapes


1. Provide an opportunity for kids to begin on their own, cutting, arranging and gluing shapes. 

2. Kids can 'paint' the paper with a glue stick, then arrange the paper shapes, even move them around a bit, before deciding on the result.

3. Suggest flowers, clouds, or trees if kids need prompts. Assist with cutting out shapes if your child asks for help, or becomes frustrated.

 Kids may simply make a collage of various shapes, without a determined end product.

The object of the activity is not to reproduce a certain design or object,

but to let creativity flow without concern for the end result!


Spring flowers craft preschool art and math activity


  • Kids use critical and creative thinking skills to sort and organize shapes.
  • Kids strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they cut shapes and apply glue.

Set up this simple activity for cutting, sorting and gluing practice with preschoolers.



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