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Simple Weights and Measures Preschool Science

Science for kids with simple weights and measures activities

Kids can have fun counting and weighing everyday objects with these simple experiments. Provide new ways to experiment and discover as you explore weights and measures.Read more about 'Simple Weights and Measures Preschool Science'...

Kids Science in a Jar Mixing Earth Materials

Mixing earth materials science activity for kids

Mixing earth materials in a jar combines outdoor play with scientific discovery. Dig for clues, and shake up some answers, as you conduct some simple science in a jar.Read more about 'Kids Science in a Jar Mixing Earth Materials'...

Marble Run With an Inclined Plane

Inclined plane with marble run kids activity

 Kids will have fun exploring an inclined plane with this simple marble run.Read more about 'Marble Run With an Inclined Plane'...

Inclined Plane Preschool STEM Racing Toy Cars

Fun science for kids experimenting with an inclined plane

Create an inclined plane with everyday materials for a fun science activity  Kids can build obstacles, and measure distances as they race toy cars in this exciting play idea.Read more about 'Inclined Plane Preschool STEM Racing Toy Cars'...

Autumn Leaves Science for Kids

Leaf science and nature unit for preschool autumn activity

Explore autumn leaves with this simple indoor science experiment. This nature activity engages all the senses, and provides valuable hands-on learning through play.Read more about 'Autumn Leaves Science for Kids'...


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