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Preschool Science - Counting and Weighing Activity

Coffee Filter Science Preschool Toolkit

Hands-on science activities are fun for kids and promote observation and discovery. We can encourage kids to explore their surroundings by providing resources, engaging in a variety of activities, and...Read more about 'Preschool Science - Counting and Weighing Activity'...

Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar - Fun Science Activity

Earth materials science activity for kids

When kids have opportunities to get outside and explore nature they will stuff their pockets with pine cones, search under rocks for creepy crawlies, and want to bring everything home! They...Read more about 'Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar - Fun Science Activity'...

Easy Marble Maze for Kids to Make

Marble maze for kids to make using modeling clay

You and the kids will love this marble maze that's fun to make using modelling clay.Read more about 'Easy Marble Maze for Kids to Make'...

Marble Run With an Inclined Plane

Marble run with an inclined plane - Preschool Toolkit

My first activity with an inclined plane was so much fun, I decided to create a second one.Read more about 'Marble Run With an Inclined Plane'...

Patterning With Colorful Dots: Fun and Easy Math for Kids

Patterning with colorful dots math activity - Preschool Toolkit

Patterns are all around us - in the designs on our clothing, in sing-song rhymes, and in the chalk drawings we use to create a hopscotch in the driveway! Through...Read more about 'Patterning With Colorful Dots: Fun and Easy Math for Kids'...

DIY Stacking Toys from Recyclables


Parents and teachers of early learners know the value of reusing and recycling materials - for arts and crafts projects, for counting and sorting activities, and for storage solutions.Read more about 'DIY Stacking Toys from Recyclables'...

Science Activity for Kids: Fun With an Inclined Plane

Inclined plane science activity for early learners

Hands-on activities provide opportunities for kids to experiment and discover as they play. You can easily make an inclined plane for a fun science activity that will have kids racing toy cars,...Read more about 'Science Activity for Kids: Fun With an Inclined Plane'...

Preschool Science: Observing Autumn Leaves

Preschool science: observing autumn leaves - Preschool Toolkit

Hands-on science activities are a great source of fun and learning for kids. Colorful autumn leaves are easy to collect on a nature walk and are perfect for nature-themed activities...Read more about 'Preschool Science: Observing Autumn Leaves'...



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