Pine Cone and Poinsettia Christmas Sensory Bin

A pine cone and poinsettia sensory bin is easy to set up for some hands-on holiday fun. Extend your Christmas theme with interesting textures and colors in this inviting sensory play.

pine cones in the sensory bin for kids hands-on play

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Do your kids love to help you prepare for the Christmas holiday?

Do they love to dig into the ornaments box with gusto while you're trying to decorate?

One way to engage kids with the holiday spirit while keeping them entertained is with a sensory bin.

A Christmas themed sensory bin combines the joy of the season with play and learning. It's one place kids where can have all the independence they need to explore Christmas-y items, and experience some holiday fun.

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Pine cones and poinsettias sensory bin

Pine cones and poinsettias are common holiday items. I often decorate with them both inside and outside the home.

We have a pine tree that provides no shortage of large pine cones. We also see a variety of mini pine cones scattered on the ground when we walk through our neighborhood.

We've used pine cones in a table centerpiece inside, and in an outdoor hanging decoration

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Grab a few of each to make this interesting sensory play with a Christmas theme. 

When you want a few minutes to put the finishing touches on a holiday wreath, set up this holiday themed sensory bin to entertain the kids while you work.  

Supplies for a pine cone activity for kids


Christmas sensory bin for toddler and preschooler


  • pine cones
  • poinsettias
  • red pompoms
  • small twigs


How to set up a Christmas sensory bin with pine cones


Sensory bin with pine cones and twigs


Spread pine cones and poinsettias in a large plastic bin or cardboard box.

  • Use different sizes and colors of materials for an interesting display.

Add red, green, or brown pompoms.

Add twigs and other natural items if preferred to enhance the play with different colors and textures.

Add other props as preferred to make the play interesting (maybe a toy sleigh or a small shovel or scoop).

Ideas for play in the sensory bin with pine cones

Pine cone craft and sensory bin for kids


1. Stuff pompoms into the pine cones for a simple fine motor activity. Your decorated pine cone will make a cute tree ornament!

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 Kids sensory play with pine cones for Christmas


2. Stir the contents of the bin with a branch, or break a branch into small pieces that can be mixed in with the other materials.

3. Bury a pine cone under a pile of poinsettias.

4. Stack pine cones one on top of the other.


Sensory bin with Christmas theme for kids


5. Sort large and small pine cones. Rearrange the materials as you explore the sensory bin.

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During busy holidays, plan easy setups like sensory bins that entertain kids with independent play.

With a few simple kids activities in your toolkit, you can engage kids in the Christmas spirit while providing a space for them to play and learn. 


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