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Preschool Math Activities with Homemade Counting Book

Kids can make a picture book to support early counting skills

This is a fun counting book to make with preschoolers. Large numerals and colorful pictures give this early counting book interest and readability.Read more about 'Preschool Math Activities with Homemade Counting Book'...

Autumn Leaves Science for Kids

Leaf science and nature unit for preschool autumn activity

This simple science activity is an easy way to explore leaves with an indoor experiment.Read more about 'Autumn Leaves Science for Kids'...

Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Activity

Matching leaves shapes preschool math activity

Explore leaves by sorting, matching and tracing in a fun nature activity.Read more about 'Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Activity'...

Preschool Literacy Activities Using Foam Letters

Foam letters literacy activities for preschoolers

This literacy activity with foam letters helps preschoolers identify the letters of their names.Read more about 'Preschool Literacy Activities Using Foam Letters'...

Preschool Math Activity Counting 1-2-3

Number wheel for practicing early math skills with toddlers and preschoolers

This counting resource is a fun way to practice math skills.Read more about 'Preschool Math Activity Counting 1-2-3 '...

Fall Harvest Theme Preschool Activities

Fall harvest theme preschool activities - Preschool Toolkit

School is in, and so is the harvest! Weigh-in on these exciting activities to add some hands-on fun to your harvest theme.Read more about 'Fall Harvest Theme Preschool Activities'...

Teaching Children Playground Safety

Tips for safety on the playground

When you head out to the playground, take charge of playground safety by being proactive. Here are some tips that will help create a safe and enjoyable environment.Read more about 'Teaching Children Playground Safety'...

Back to School Apple Craft and Rhyming Activity

Apple craft and activity for preschoolers

This apple craft and counting game make back to school fun for everyone. The rhyming game helps preschoolers learn the names of their classmates, while reinforcing beginning number recognition.Read more about 'Back to School Apple Craft and Rhyming Activity'...


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