Spring and Summer Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Spring and summer crafts and activities are blooming in this fun roundup. The activities are easy to set up for kids from toddler to kindergarten age, and can be adapted for one or two children, or a classroom or homeschool setting.

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This roundup includes all the spring and summer themed activities on the Preschool Toolkit blog. You can easily search for spring and summer crafting, activities, and indoor or outdoor play.

The projects engage a wide range of early childhood skills including fine motor, creative, cognitive and language. The activities use basic craft supplies. Some promote the use of unique materials such as burlap or tree bark to provide interesting hands-on experiences for early learners.

Crafts and activities have simple setups with everyday materials.

Activities require use of scissors, glue, and other fine motor tools. There is lots of room for creativity with the emphasis of any project on the procedure and not a finished product.

Let's enjoy spring and summer with these fun crafts and activities!


Spring and summer crafts and activities


Spring and summer activities

Bird nest in a tree painting activity

Tree bark painting and nature unit

Easter crafts and activities roundup 

Pussy willow craft

Build a bird nest science activity

Burlap butterfly craft

Lace butterfly craft

Green leaf butterfly craft

Flower crafts roundup 

Tree trunk puzzle activity

Caterpillar in burlap tree for the felt board

Fuzzy caterpillar craft

Clothespin caterpillar craft

Feather rainbow activity

Burlap bird nest craft

Nature walk activity

Backyard play

Cardboard sun craft


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Summer Season board on Pinterest


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