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Pine Cone Ornament Craft for Kids

Pine cone ornament craft for preschoolers

A pine cone ornament is a fun nature craft to do with the kids at Christmas time.Read more about 'Pine Cone Ornament Craft for Kids'...

Easy to Make Burlap Bow - No Glue, No Sew!

Burlap bow easy to make for holiday decorating

A burlap bow is easy to make for decorating your home or classroom. Add rustic holiday flair to wreaths and planters with this no-glue, no-sew burlap bow.Read more about 'Easy to Make Burlap Bow - No Glue, No Sew!'...

Beautiful Christmas Angel Family Craft

Christmas angel decoration family craft

A Christmas angel is a fun family craft made with an everyday recyclable and glitter. The simple instructions make assembly fun and easy.Read more about 'Beautiful Christmas Angel Family Craft'...

Painting with Ice Cubes Process Art Activity

Ice cube painting preschool activity

Painting with ice cubes is a fun process art activity that provides a sensory and fine motor experience.Read more about 'Painting with Ice Cubes Process Art Activity'...

Halloween Broomstick Craft for Kids

Broomstick Halloween decoration easy to make with burlap

This simple broomstick craft is fun for the whole family to make. Kids will love using a broomstick as part of a Halloween costume.Read more about 'Halloween Broomstick Craft for Kids'...

Fall Leaves Bookmark Kids Craft

Bookmark preschool craft with autumn leaves

Make a beautiful bookmark craft with colorful autumn leaves. Plan a nature walk with the kids to gather some colorful leaves for this fun creative art activity.Read more about 'Fall Leaves Bookmark Kids Craft'...

Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Activity

Matching leaves shapes preschool math activity

Explore leaves with tracing and matching in this fun nature activity. This open-ended kids activity provides exciting learning opportunities with leaves in natural surroundings.Read more about 'Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Activity'...

Halloween Puppets for Preschool Pretend Play

Wooden spoon puppets kids can make for Halloween pretend play

Make puppets with wooden spoons for a Halloween theme with preschoolers. Kids can make traditional characters like a witch or a ghost, or create new spooky characters.Read more about 'Halloween Puppets for Preschool Pretend Play'...

Transform the Fuzzy Caterpillar into a Beautiful Butterfly

caterpillar to butterfly preschool craft

This furry caterpillar is fun to make with a clothespin and green pompoms. The caterpillar can easily transform into a beautiful butterfly with two simple steps.Read more about 'Transform the Fuzzy Caterpillar into a Beautiful Butterfly'...


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