Best Preschool Activities in 2017

This fun roundup includes the posts on the Preschool Toolkit blog that received the most views. The crafts, science activities and games will provide lots of hands-on opportunities to engage preschoolers in learning through play.

best activities for preschoolers

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It's fun to look back in order to see what's ahead.

In this case, it means providing more of what readers look for on the Preschool Toolkit blog.

With play as the underlying focus, the activities are designed to provide fun and learning in meaningful ways.

Top preschool posts 2017

A list like this is a sure way to find just what you need for everyday play.

Readers have landed on these activities most with searches throughout the year.

With everyday play you can ensure kids get all the engagement needed to develop early learning skills.

When activities are largely kid-led and hands-on, kids will explore, create and learn all in the name of play.

I can't wait to provide more activities like these in the year ahead!


Top posts in 2017 found on the Preschool Toolkit blog


This year the activities fall into three categories - seasonal, science and activities.

They showcase a variety of homemade games and props that kids can use in everyday play.

The activities are easily created with everyday supplies, and can be used over and over for hands-on learning through play.

I added a couple of my favorite posts too. Hope you like them!


1. Lift the Flaps Valentine Game

2. Halloween Witch Made with Paper Shapes



3. Marble Run with an Inclined Plane

4. Wind Experiment

5. Fun With an Inclined Plane



6. Bean Bag Game

7. Train Track

8. Sense of Touch Book

9. Travel Size Felt Board

10. Organize Small Toys


My picks!

These were a couple of my favorite activities to write and share!

Glue and Beads STEAM Activity

Preschool science with glue and beads STEAM activity


 Ring Toss  

Make a ring toss game using recycled materials for indoor or outdoor family fun - Preschool Toolkit


Top 10 in 2017 from Preschool Toolkit



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