Wind Experiment Kids STEM Activity

Wind experiment kids science

A simple STEM activity for kids is easy to set up with a small table fan.Read more about 'Wind Experiment Kids STEM Activity'...

Top Posts of 2015 from Kid Bloggers

Best crafts education and parenting posts 2015

This roundup of family activities includes projects viewed most in 2015. I'm excited to feature top craft, education and parenting posts of 2015 from a group of kid-friendly bloggers.Read more about 'Top Posts of 2015 from Kid Bloggers'...

How to Make a Glittering Foil Crown for Preschool Pretend Play

Foil crown craft for preschool pretend play or New Years Eve celebration

This glittering crown is easy for kids to make with foil.Read more about 'How to Make a Glittering Foil Crown for Preschool Pretend Play'...

How to Make a Paper Crown for Pretend Play

Paper crown kids can make for imaginative play kings and queens

Kids can make a paper crown for dramatic play, using just a few basic craft supplies.

Read more about 'How to Make a Paper Crown for Pretend Play'...

How to Make a Large Gift Box Smaller

How to make a large gift box smaller to wrap gifts like a pro

Wrapping gifts is often an essential part of a festive occasion or holiday event. Finding just the right box to hold that special gift can be difficult.Read more about 'How to Make a Large Gift Box Smaller'...

Countdown to Christmas with Family Crafts and Activities

Countdown to Christmas roundup of crafts and activities for family fun

This collection of crafts and activities will keep you and the kids entertained during the last few days before Christmas.Read more about 'Countdown to Christmas with Family Crafts and Activities'...

Christmas Nativity Craft for Kids

Christmas nativity family craft easy to make with recyclables

Making a Christmas nativity is a wonderful way for you and the kids to celebrate this special holiday together.Read more about 'Christmas Nativity Craft for Kids'...

Easy Tissue Paper Angel Preschool Craft

Christmas angel paper craft for preschoolers

This precious angel is fun for kids to make, and will be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.Read more about 'Easy Tissue Paper Angel Preschool Craft'...

Snowball Ornament Sensory Craft for Preschoolers

Snowball Christmas ornament preschool craft

This snowball ornament is an easy Christmas decoration for preschoolers to make. The cotton balls provide a fun sensory and fine motor activity.Read more about 'Snowball Ornament Sensory Craft for Preschoolers'...

Choir of Angels Christmas Craft

Christmas craft making beautiful angels to sing in a choir

Kids will love making adorable angels in this fun Christmas craft. Celebrate the holiday with creativity, imagination, and lots of singing with this special choir of angels craft.Read more about 'Choir of Angels Christmas Craft '...


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