Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy

Traditional books have value in early literacy development

Traditional books in early literacy add value to childhood development in many ways, including nurturing a love of books and reading.Read more about 'Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy'...

Guide to Small Group Reading with Preschoolers

Guidelines for small group reading

Small group reading is a valuable part of an early learning program.Read more about 'Guide to Small Group Reading with Preschoolers'...

Creating a Craft Box

craft box for providing art activities for kids

This post has been updated to improve the tutorial.   Click here to see the new post.      This post contains affiliate links.  Privacy and Disclosure           Read more about 'Creating a Craft Box'...

Daycare field trips

This post has been updated! Enjoy the new link here. Field trips can be exciting.Read more about 'Daycare field trips'...

How to Create a Green Space Child Care Center

Tips for creating healthy environments for child play spaces

Maintaining a healthy environment for kids is an important part of early education.Read more about 'How to Create a Green Space Child Care Center'... launches

Welcome to Preschool Toolkit! Our goal is provide activities that make learning fun for kids - and for grownups too! The crafts and activities we post on the blog are easy to…Read more about ' launches!'...


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