Post Office Dramatic Play for Preschoolers

mail boxes and mail bags to make for creative pretend play with preschoolers

Kids love the excitement of sending and receiving mail. You can easily extend their post office experience with some fun dramatic play.Read more about 'Post Office Dramatic Play for Preschoolers'...

Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap

Butterfly kids crafts with painted burlap wings and clothes peg body

This is a beautiful butterfly that's easy to make using painted burlap. The simple painting activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.Read more about 'Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap'...

12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids

Sand play with crafts and activities for kids

Sand play is a fun addition to kids daily activities, indoors or outdoors. Provide awesome opportunities for learning through play with this exciting roundup of activities that use sand.Read more about '12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids'...

15+ Canada Day Family Activities

Canada Day list of family activities

Celebrate Canada Day with games and activities that are fun for the whole family. This list of ideas will help you plan ahead, or be prepared for spontaneous events.Read more about '15+ Canada Day Family Activities'...

Color Viewer Preschool Activity

preschool color viewers science and sensory activity

Kids interact with many different colors as they play and learn. Explore color and how it changes with this fun preschool science and sensory activity.Read more about 'Color Viewer Preschool Activity'...

Preschool Art Activity with Masking Tape and Markers

Kids art with crayons and tape on cardboard canvas for creative and fine motor play

Masking tape is a fun material for preschoolers to use in an art activity. Kids can make designs with tape on a cardboard canvas, and decorate with stickers, crayons or markers.Read more about 'Preschool Art Activity with Masking Tape and Markers '...

Bird Nest Fine Motor Preschool Craft

Bird nest preschool craft with mixed materials and pompoms

Preschoolers can learn about birds and their habitats while designing and building a simple bird nest.Read more about 'Bird Nest Fine Motor Preschool Craft'...

14 Homemade Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities

14 Painting tools you can easily make for kids painting activities

Painting with homemade brushes and tools provides unique process art experiences for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can explore and discover new uses for household and craft materials with this exciting...Read more about '14 Homemade Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities'...

19 Homemade Paints for Preschool Painting Activities

Make your own paints for preschool painting activities indoors and outdoors

Homemade paints are easy to make and provide new opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers to explore and create.Read more about '19 Homemade Paints for Preschool Painting Activities'...

9 Tips to Make Painting with Preschoolers Fun and Easy

ips for making painting activities fun and easy with preschoolers

Painting with preschoolers can be fun but it can also get a bit messy. These simple tips will help you spend more time on the painting experience, and less time...Read more about '9 Tips to Make Painting with Preschoolers Fun and Easy '...



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