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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Kids Activity

Jack o lantern preschool activity with paper dial

A jack-o-lantern craft is fun to make with kids for Halloween. Kids can help the jack-o-lantern choose a costume for Halloween.Read more about 'Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Kids Activity'...

Halloween Night Art Activity for Kids

Pumpkins and ghosts on a craft stick fence Halloween art activity for preschoolers

This creative art activity is filled with the sights of Halloween night. Kids can create pictures with pumpkins and ghosts and other Halloween characters to illustrate this special event.Read more about 'Halloween Night Art Activity for Kids'...

Halloween Spider Preschool Painting Activity

Halloween spider craft and web painting activity for preschoolers

This spooky black spider is easy to make and so is his spooky spider web.Read more about 'Halloween Spider Preschool Painting Activity'...

Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents

Reading with grandparents is special

Making time for kids to read with grandparents is a special way to celebrate Grandparent's Day or any day! Discover the benefits of reading with grandparents.

Read more about 'Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents'...

Wood Blocks Math Activity for Preschoolers

Wood blocks painting and sorting math activity for preschoolers

This wood block activity provides an opportunity for kids to paint, sort, and play matching games with blocks.Read more about 'Wood Blocks Math Activity for Preschoolers'...

Easy Spider Craft You Can Make With Preschoolers

Cardboard spider painting craft and activity for kids

Spider crafts are so much fun, especially when the spider you make is used for pretend play. A spider craft is easy to make with cardboard and googly eyes.Read more about 'Easy Spider Craft You Can Make With Preschoolers'...

Preschool Process Art Activity with Wood Blocks

make wood stamps for kids painting activity

A process art activity is easy to set up with wood blocks.Read more about 'Preschool Process Art Activity with Wood Blocks'...

How to Make Story Time Amazing

6 ways to make story time amazing without opening a book

Make well-loved story times even more amazing with these fun options.Read more about 'How to Make Story Time Amazing'...

Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy

Gardening tips for fun and easy hands on learning with preschoolers

Have fun exploring planting and harvesting hands-on with easy gardening activities.Read more about 'Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy'...

Why Encouragement is More Effective than Praise

Words of praise vs words of encouragment in communication with early learners

Words of encouragement reinforce efforts and accomplishments in ways that can generate independent thinking and guide future behaviors in positive ways.Read more about 'Why Encouragement is More Effective than Praise'...


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