Best Preschool Activities 2021

Our best preschool activities for 2021 are conveniently listed here for you. This roundup includes the top results readers found during the past year to enjoy hands-on play with their early learners.

Best preschool activities for 2021

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The past year was exceptional for all of us, with a pandemic causing so many concerns about our health and quality of life. One of the important issues we faced was maintaining learning environments for our children.

  • That meant everything from online learning at the kitchen table, to social distanced play dates with friends.

The availability of digital resources, both free and paid, has helped parents and teachers continue to provide preschool learning from home or in altered classroom environments. 

That makes our roundup of most searched activities even more valuable to your everyday goals for supporting early childhood skills.

Top preschool posts

Our goal with Preschool Toolkit is to provide easy access to ideas for learning through play.

No matter the structure of the environment, at home or in a classroom, having affordable, meaningful activities to add to your everyday routines is beneficial for early childhood development. 

We pay particular attention to providing play ideas without printables, using instead everyday household items and basic craft supplies. Suggestions are often included in our posts for substitutions, as well as options for extended play.

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The posts that reached readers most throughout the past year are indicative of the types of play that parents and teachers want for their homeschool and classroom curriculums as well as everyday play.

Science themed activities predominate again, with musical instruments included in the fun!

This roundup is a great place to start for activities that provide hands-on interaction and a play-based approach to learning for preschoolers.

Homeschool preschool activities

1. Fun musical instruments you can make with recyclables.

2. Bird nest STEM that requires just a variety of everyday materials.

3. Circle time tips and ideas provide interactive play.

4. Earth materials  can be mixed in a jar for science play.

5. Seeds in the foods we eat can be examined and sorted.

6. Rolling pin sensory play  is fun for kids in the kitchen. 

7. Roadster made with a cardboard box is a STEAM project for kids.

8. Mini volcano science fun starts with small pudding cups.

9. Wind experiment with a small fan prompts young scientists to explore and observe wind.

10. Marble roll activity with paper cups provides learning with an inclined plane.


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