Best Preschool Activities in 2020

The top posts on the blog for 2020 are some of my favorites. Posts with science, sensory and sand play are sure to be among your favorites too. Enjoy this exciting roundup that has a bit of seasonal, a bit of holiday and a whole lot of science fun.

Best of 2020 for kids activities

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This exciting roundup is the place to be for tried and true activities for kids.

A 'best-of' roundup provides teachers and parents with the most-viewed, most-shared options.

It is my goal to create, and make accessible, hands-on activities that benefit early learning.

Most popular posts

It's always a pleasure and a privilege to annually compile the most popular posts of the blog.

I'm happy to share learning activities with parents and teachers that interest and excite both grownups and kids.

Hands-on activities are by the most popular - and beneficial - for fun and learning, for grownups as well as for kids. When we can learn just by playing, early education doesn't get much better than that!


Fun preschool activities

This list includes a couple annual favorites that have not lost their place in the roster - the lift-the-flaps game and the marble roll activity.

I'm also excited to welcome a newbie to the list - the DIY cardboard box roadster is a hit this year!

More than half the posts in this roundup are science related, which is no surprise.

Everyday play naturally includes exploration and discovery, which supports the emerging young scientist - and artist! - in kids.

  • Whether mixing paint colors on the easel, or sand and water in a jar, kids have a tendency to 'mix things up' to see what happens.  


Most popular kids activities for 2020


Row 1

Fizzy Science                  Exploring Seeds

Row 2           

Lift-the-Flaps Game         Science in a Jar         Rolling Pin Crunch

Row 3

Bird Nest Spring Craft      Wind Experiment       Marble Roll on an Inclined Plane

Row 4

Sand Activities                  DIY Roadster


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