Graphing on the Felt Board Preschool Activity

This graphing activity is a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice counting and sorting with colorful felt shapes. Easy to make and easy to store, felt shapes provide a perfect option for a simple math activity for early learners.

Graphing on the felt board preschool activity

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The felt circles used in our felt board caterpillar activity gave me the inspiration I needed for this math activity! The felt circles were perfect for graphing with colorful felt circles.

How to set up a graphing activity

1. You will need felt pieces in a variety of shapes or colors.

2. You will also need a felt surface on which to graph. You can easily make a felt board with our simple tutorial, or simply place a large piece of felt on a table top or tray.

2. I use self-adhesive foam numerals I had on hand to make the graph. The sticky back keeps the foam numerals in place. You could make a set of felt numerals similar to the tutorial below making felt letters.


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Now you're ready to start the fun with your toddler or preschooler with this simple math activity!

How to make a graph on the felt board

How to make a simple graph:

1. Outline the graph with strips of brown felt

2. Place self-adhesive foam numerals or felt numerals vertically.

3. Place felt shapes horizontally.

We kept the graph simple but you can add vertical and horizontal lines to create columns and rows to guide the placement of the circles if preferred.

Make a graph on the felt board to count and sort felt shapes


This is a simple graph with colorful shapes cut from felt.

We've found the felt board useful for many activities including learning letters of the alphabet and matching Easter eggs




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