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How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar

Fuzzy caterpillar craft - Preschool Toolkit

This fuzzy caterpillar craft is perfect for kids who love making things a little bit silly. Promote fine motor and sensory play, along with pretend play with this caterpillar activity.Read more about 'How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar'...

Green Leaf Butterfly Kids Craft

Green leaf butterfly outdoor preschool activity

I can't think of a better way to make a butterfly than with materials found in its natural habitat.Read more about 'Green Leaf Butterfly Kids Craft'...

Burlap Fish Craft for Kids

Square fish and flat fish burlap fish crafts for kids

This fish craft is fun to make using burlap. You'll love the simple setup and the many opportunities for kids to learn as they play.Read more about 'Burlap Fish Craft for Kids'...

Cardboard Animals for Small World Play

Make cardboard animals for preschool small world pretend play

Kids love using their imaginations, whether dressing up in a cape and glittering crown, or creating a shoe box barn for small world play.Read more about 'Cardboard Animals for Small World Play'...

How to Make a Big Big Flower for a Pretend Play Garden

Preschool art activity painting big cardboard flowers

To make a big, big flower you have to think big - big petals, big pollen and big leaves.Read more about 'How to Make a Big Big Flower for a Pretend Play Garden'...

Easy Locomotive Kids Craft using Recyclables

Train locomotive preschool craft using recyclables

A locomotive craft is easy for kids to make with recyclables and craft paint. The sights and sounds of the locomotive will soon be part of some awesome pretend play.Read more about 'Easy Locomotive Kids Craft using Recyclables'...

Corrugated Cardboard Flowers Preschool Painting Activity

Flowers image

You'll be delighted to welcome Spring with the colorful flowers kids make in this fun painting activity.Read more about 'Corrugated Cardboard Flowers Preschool Painting Activity'...

Best Train for Kids to Make with Recyclables

Train engine and train cars preschool activity for pretend play2

All aboard! This train craft is ready to pull into the station. The train and locomotive are fun and easy to make using recyclables, while engaging fine motor and creative skills.Read more about 'Best Train for Kids to Make with Recyclables'...

Valentine Cards Kids Can Make with Heart Stamps

Valentine cards kids can make with heart shaped stamps - Preschool Toolkit

Kids love giving homemade greeting cards to friends and family on Valentine's Day. This Valentine painting activity is a fun, and easy, way for kids to make a beautiful Valentine card.Read more about 'Valentine Cards Kids Can Make with Heart Stamps'...

Mitten-Shaped Puppet Kids Can Make for Pretend Play

M is for mittens image

Puppets are a wonderful addition to your toolkit for promoting imaginative play. The puppets kids make are especially beneficial because kids get to be creative with their characters.Read more about 'Mitten-Shaped Puppet Kids Can Make for Pretend Play'...



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