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Pumpkin Paintings Art Activity for Preschoolers

Halloween pumpkin picture painting activity for kids

Decorate for Halloween with kid-made pumpkin paintings. These smiling jack-o-lanterns come framed and ready to display. Kids will love choosing paint colors and adding fun features to their pumpkins.Read more about 'Pumpkin Paintings Art Activity for Preschoolers'...

Easy to Make Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath easy to make decoration for home or school

This homemade wreath is easy to make and sure to be everyone's favorite Halloween decoration.Read more about 'Easy to Make Halloween Wreath'...

How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate

Paper plate puzzle Halloween pumpkin craft for preschoolers

Kids can Make their own pumpkin puzzle with a paper plate and craft paint. Puzzles are a great option for exploring shapes with preschoolers.Read more about 'How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate'...

Painting With Pumpkin Stamps Art Activity for Kids

Painting with pumpkin stamps Halloween activity for kids

Halloween activities for kids often include pumpkins, costumes and crafts.Read more about 'Painting With Pumpkin Stamps Art Activity for Kids'...

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Kids Activity

Jack o lantern preschool activity with paper dial

A jack-o-lantern craft is fun to make with kids for Halloween. Kids can help the jack-o-lantern choose a costume for Halloween.Read more about 'Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Kids Activity'...

Halloween Night Art Activity for Kids

Pumpkins and ghosts on a craft stick fence Halloween art activity for preschoolers

This creative art activity is filled with the sights of Halloween night. Kids can create pictures with pumpkins and ghosts and other Halloween characters to illustrate this special event.Read more about 'Halloween Night Art Activity for Kids'...

Halloween Spider Preschool Painting Activity

Halloween spider craft and web painting activity for preschoolers

This spooky black spider is easy to make and so is his spooky spider web.Read more about 'Halloween Spider Preschool Painting Activity'...

Halloween Broomstick Craft for Kids

Broomstick Halloween decoration easy to make with burlap

This simple broomstick craft is fun for the whole family to make. Kids will love using a broomstick as part of a Halloween costume.Read more about 'Halloween Broomstick Craft for Kids'...

Halloween Puppets for Preschool Pretend Play

Wooden spoon puppets kids can make for Halloween pretend play

Wooden spoon puppets are easy to make for a Halloween theme with preschoolers. Kids can make traditional characters like a witch or a ghost, or create new spooky characters.Read more about 'Halloween Puppets for Preschool Pretend Play'...


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