Best Kids Activities in 2022

Get in on the fun and learning with our list of favorite activities. These ideas will spark imagination and creativity as you provide hands-on play for your preschooler.
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I'm happy to have reached another milestone: completing a memorable year of sharing fun kids crafts and activities!

And with the end of 2022 comes another look at the most popular posts viewed during the year.

Featuring the most popular posts can be helpful to teachers and parents who want to find something valuable, easily and quickly.

Enjoy these activities and get ready for more playtime learning in 2023!

Top Preschool Posts 

Creating engaging activities with everyday supplies is always my goal.

You want activities that are low cost, easy to set up, and interesting for kids.

While some activities are more challenging than others, having a diverse toolkit to draw from makes learning fun and productive.

Many of the activities listed have been around for awhile on the blog, and maintain their popularity from year to year.

Let's take a look at some popular activities!

easy preschool activities everyday play


1. Plan your best circle time with these helpful tips.

2. Make a sparkling star ornament with craft foam and glitter.

3. Build a bird nest with mixed materials with this fine motor craft.

4. It's easy to make your own felt board with sturdy cardboard.

5. Science fun with marbles is easy to set up with this cardboard run.


preschool activities


6. Provide a sensory activity in the kitchen with a rolling pin.

7. Have fun with a wind experiment using a small table fan.

8. Create homemade instruments from everyday objects.

9. Outdoor snowball games provide winter fun for preschoolers.

10. Inspire pretend play with a homemade cardboard box car.


Fun activities like these help make each day one of exploration and discovery. 


favorite kids activities


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