Best Preschool Painting Activities

Preschool painting activities just got a whole lot easier to provide. This roundup has some of the best opportunities to get creative with your preschooler. 

kids art activities with paint

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Get your paint on! Provide an outlet for kids to express emotions, build imagination, and use fine motor skills.

Here are just a few more examples of how early skills are being used during play with paints.

  • fine motor - holding brushes, making strokes across the canvas or material
  • creative - choosing colors, watching designs immerge spontaneously
  • language - talking about the process, naming colors
  • science - mixing colors, making shapes, exploring space
  • sensory - experiencing scents, colors and textures 

Interesting painting experiences engage early childhood skills in ways that complement other art activities, like coloring with crayons and markers, making crafts, and working with playdough.

This post has awesome ideas to get you started on your creative adventure.

Explore color and texture and design with your preschooler in fun activities!

Painting activities for preschoolers

Worried about a little mess? We've got you 'covered'. 

Painting with kids is much easier when you're prepared. Naturally some activities will be messier than others, but with a little preparation, even these can be a hit with you and the kids. 

There are a few steps you can take to make a painting activity a go-to experience for your preschooler.

This post explains how to make painting with preschoolers fun and easy.

Now that your space is prepped and the kids are suited up, it's time to grab some inspiration

Painting ideas for kids 

There are more than 34 ideas for painting experiences in this roundup. Activities are sorted into two categories - evergreen and seasonal. Some seasonal ideas - such as the pumpkin puzzle and Valentine stencil - can easily be altered to fit a different theme, or even become evergreen.

Keep in mind that any activity with early learners is about the process and not the result. Support the participation and hands-on engagement that contribute to the development of early learning skills.

From mixing colors to creating a process art masterpiece, there are lots of different ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Choose the activity that fits the time and space you have available today. Then try something different tomorrow!

Evergreen painting activities

Paint-and-Draw Art

draw and paint with bushes and craft sticks


Wood Blocks Painting

paint with wood blocks preschool activity


Paint and Glitter Art

process art preschool activity using paint and glitter


Bell Pepper Paint Stamps

paint with pepper tops kids activity


Ice Cube Art

ice cube painting activity preschool


Locomotive Craft

locomotive craft for preschool


Colorful Spider and Web

spider craft painting activity for preschool


Rainbow Octopus Craft

octopus recycled craft for preschool


Craft Sticks Paint Tool

craft stick painting tool for preschool


Recycled Containers Paint Tools

make paint tools with recyclables


Cardboard Spreader Paint Tool

paint with homemade paint spreaders


Tree Bark Paint Canvas

nature craft with tree bark


Foam Plate Paint Palette.

kids can paint with a homemade paint palette


Color Mixing STEAM Activity.

kid science mixing paint colors


Bright Sun Craft

cardboard sun kids craft


Corrugated Flower Craft

preschool cardboard flower craft


Big Big Flower Craft

preschool art flower painting


Burlap Butterfly Painting Activity

butterfly painting craft for preschool


Pine Cone Painting

pine cone painting kids activity


Foam Stamps Painting

1. Bird Nest in a Tree

easy to make foam paint stamps


2. Dinosaur Painting Activity

dinosaur painting craft for kids



Seasonal painting activities

Valentine Stencils Art

Valentine stencils craft for kids


Shamrock Egg Cup Art

painting shamrocks with egg cups


Leprechaun Painted Hat

leprechaun hat craft for kids


Egg Carton Easter Painting Activity

egg carton craft for kids for Easter



Pumpkin Picture with Craft stick Painting Tool

pumpkin art activity for preschool


Pumpkin Puzzle Painting Activity

paper plate puzzle preschool craft


Pumpkin Stamps Art

kids process art with pumpkin stamps


Painted Burlap Pumpkin Craft

painting burlap pumpkin craft


Halloween Spider Web Marble Painting

painting a spider web with a marble


Sponge Painted Ghosts

painting ghosts preschool art activity


Painted Egg Cups Christmas Garland

Christmas egg carton craft for kids


Snowman Jar Lid Painting

snowman art activity for kids



Interacting with colorful paints results in valuable learning opportunities.

These ideas will jump start painting experiences for your little learners.  Be prepared to add some messy - I mean awesome! - fun to your daily routine.

Are you ready to get your paint on?


homemade paint brushes for kids


homemade paint for preschool

preschool art with craft paint


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